The Matt Dearden Show: Carsyn Koch

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Carsyn Koch.  Carsyn is one of the premier middle distance runners in the entire country.  She went from growing up in a tiny town in Maine to competing in the Olympic trials in a mere two years.


The story of Carsyn’s meteoric rise is a fascinating one, but it’s not without its share failure and disappointment.  In July of 2017, Carsyn was seriously injured and was sidelined for a year and a half.

We sat down for an interview in August of 2018  as she was still recovering from her injury.  This month (December of 2018), she finally competed again–almost eighteen months after her injury.

I hope you enjoy this fascinating conversation as much as I did.

carsyn hs

Carsyn as a high schooler in Maine

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